If you’re considering renovating your house – whether for a much-needed refresh or because you want to raise the value of your property – a well done renovation can breathe new life into the place you call home. And for those that are new to the idea of renovating, strip-outs are a great way to restore and revamp your humble abode.

A residential strip out is an absolute must before you renovate your house. It will not only give you a better idea of the space you have to play with, but will also allow you to carry out a comprehensive renovation of either your entire house or a specific room you’re wanting to update.

For those unsure about what a strip-out is, here’s a comprehensive guide that outlines the benefits of residential strip-outs and demolition in Sydney – both of which can play a key part in home renovations.

What is a residential strip-out ?

In a residential strip-out, everything from inside the house – excluding the main frame structure – is professionally removed prior to the renovation work beginning. This includes all the interior tit-bits that can be stripped out without compromising or endangering the building’s structural integrity.

Here’s a list of the main items that house demolition companies in Sydney can help remove during a residential strip-out:

  • Wall linings and internal walls
  • Plumbing and flooring
  • Cabling and lighting

If your house structure contains any asbestos materials, demolition companies in Sydney will be well versed in organising its safe removal and disposal.

What happens to the removed materials ?

The materials that get removed are segregated according to their specific properties. They are then either recycled, discarded or sold at reduced costs. Each material will be assessed according to whether it can be recycled or reused, and if necessary, a material will be securely and safely discarded.

Planning a strip-out

It’s crucial that you plan your residential strip-out according to what you hope to achieve. A proper plan will help you schedule your residential strip-out and give you a fair idea of what you want, what you don’t want and what your proposed house demolition will cost.

Benefits of residential strip outs

Gives a new look to the space

With the help of house demolition experts, you can strip out your residential space to create a home suited to your needs and wishes; from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. So, if you wish to either create more space inside your home or want to utilise any space that isn’t currently being used, you should consider a residential strip-out, prior to a renovation.

Helps renovate the space

As previously mentioned, a residential strip-out is required prior to a complete remodelling of your house. A strip-out, renovation or demolition will help you to plan your space in a much more practical way and it will help you understand the exact space you have and how best to harness it.

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