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We are your comprehensive demolition service provider in Sydney. We have been offering house demolition, commercial demolition, office demolition, and industrial demolition services for over 3 decades.


Home Demolition

Using state of the art demolition equipment and a professionally trained team of skilled employees, our quality of work is unparalleled. From small house demolition projects of kitchen and bathroom asbestos strip out to large scale industrial projects, we handle it all. In addition to all types of residential demolition, our demolition services also include pool removal, shed, garage demolitions and much more. We also offer fully customised services for projects with specific requirements such as tight access demolitions. In short, we handle all types of demolition work. If you need want to experience a smooth demolition process without any hurdles or hiccups, we are your best bet…

Asbestos Removal

As a licensed asbestos removal and demolition contractor, we specialise in safe asbestos removal and disposal. Our demolition work and asbestos removal are undertaken with the utmost care. We also offer asbestos pick up and disposal services and ensure the safety of our clients, neighbourhood and our employees. We facilitate our clients with the documentation process for asbestos clearance certificates and site remediation.

Strip Outs

Internal Strip Outs

Office Strip Outs

Commercial & Industrial

Bathroom Strip Outs

Kitchen Strip Outs


Bulk Excavations

Detailed Excavations

Rock Sawing

Hand Excavations

Excavation Contractors Sydney


Truck Hire

Tree Protection

Excavator Hire

Siltation Fencing

Temporary Safety Fencing



Being a leading house demolition company, we are fully equipped with essential demolition equipment, which we use for our projects and also offer on hire. We have a fleet of trucks, semi-trailers, excavators, and other heavy-duty equipment for quick and efficient execution of our projects.

*All attachments are available to suit all sizes of Democorp excavators*



Semi Trailers


Hook Lift Truck & Trailers


3 Tonne Tippers


8 Wheeler Tippers


20 tonne excavator


1 tonne mini excavator


Low Loader / Float Trailers


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